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New Userinfo Look!

Hey churdles! I was putting the banner up on the info page (it was too big, had to shrink it and upload a smaller one) when I suddenly started changing the look of the userinfo also because it wasn't very attractive before. Yeeshmus this is how I get roped into doing stuff; I start and I can't stop. Anyway I added the "join the community" link as the fan_club website, modified some of the FanFan joining info, and changed the colours and the overall look. Took me awhile because why? I am colour retarded so I kept switching combinations.

Anyways, I hope you mukluks are having fun at summer school! -Tries not to cackle- I hear all this stuff about tests/quizzes/seminars on the second day...sounds like it bites. Well, gotta go, til later!
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