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Hello all you mukluk whorebags! I'm a tad slow but I just realized that you're all at summer school. Sigh. Anyway...I was wondering if you guys could see the Fan Club Banner on the userinfo page because FortuneCity was being a cuntface and none of my images would show up. It seems to be working now...but you can never be sure. And Photobucket won't upload my pictures (anyone know how to delete an account?) and PictureVillage keeps changing the dimensions of them. Dieee.

Okies, well, yesterday was awesome, thank you for coming! Today I am celebrating my supreme oldness with my family. Tomorrow we're leaving for Mont Tremblant so I won't get to talk to any of you until Saturday night! It'd be a nice way to cure my LJ addiction though, and besides, wheeeee we get to commune with nature and stalk look for hot Frenchies. Perhaps I shall find a Jean-Pierre for Star Knives Bleed. We can force him to play bass. Anyway...this is probably the last time I'll be on the computer for a week so I just wanted to say bye and I'll miss you to everyone! See you soon!

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happy birthday and have fun <3<3<3