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Welcome to the Legions of Fanfans!

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[x] What exactly is a Fanfan?

A Fanfan is a person whom...well...has fan on the end of their names.
For example, we the maintainers are named;

Barbara which turns into Barfan (but since I don’t like that, it’s B-fan, got it!?)

Lisa which turns into Lissfan,

And may I introduce the original Fanfan...

Ruifan! (Well that's her real name which is why she's the original.)

[x] How do I become one of the Fanfans? (Because I mean, come on! Anyone who’s anyone wants to be a Fanfan!)

Well, we here are very selective of the people to be dubbed Original Members of the Legions of Fanfans. Usually, it's invitation-only. As of now though, new members are welcome! Very soon I imagine we'll put up some sort of application form, m'kay? Since we don't have an application up, as soon as you join, post a little introduction about yourself in the community. For example, name, age, location, hobbies and interests, why you decided to join the community, and anything else you think is interesting. Remember, we're very open-minded, but any material posted that is tasteless, ignorant or highly offensive to our members will be deleted, and you will be given a warning. Profanity is certainly allowed, but take it easy, okay?

One other way a person can become a Fanfan is if one of the original Fanfans says so. They can proclaim, for example, their mega star crush a fan and they would earn a title as a Fanfan. Comprendo?

[x] How it began...

This little 'society' as we like to call it, started when some genius decided to take the second syllable of the Original FanFan's name and add it to the end of certain people's names. Spawned by insanity and overall weirdness, it became the amazing, off-your-rocker society it is today.

[x] And what exactly is the point in being a Fanfan?

What do you mean, what’s the point? *Blank stare* You get to be a Fanfan! In the community you get to talk about whatever your little heart desires and belong to an exclusive group! Share your feelings, hang out, state your opinion and bestow the Fanfan honor to others. Sounds good? Really, post anything at all…but please if you want to post R content or NC-17 (pictures, art, stories and so on) put it under an LJ-cut, not all of us want to see it, then again…some of us do, but yes LJ-cut, good? Good.

[x] In closing...

Alright, now that you've got all the info, join! Have any questions? Send us an e-mail. Or, leave a comment in one of the maintainers' journal.

The maintainers of fan_club are:
souls_darkness, blured_reality & dr3amer.

Credits: Userinfo by B (dr3amer), userinfo editing & userinfo/journal layout by R (souls_darkness), userpic by L (blured_reality).

These people have officially been dubbed Fans by us
Tom Felton is T-fan
Draco Malfoy is Drafan
Andy Roddick is Anfan
Conor Oberst is Con-fan
Spongebob is Sponge-fan